Thursday, May 5, 2011

Online Resources from WOTTs mom's day

I had the amazing privilege to sit before some really amazing moms and talk about being a better mom. Here is the list of online resources we provided with the hand-outs. I will try to add more from that "workshop" here.

HOME (don’t create more paper clutter unless you’ll use it) (beware of the unnecessary stuff) (just a companion to the book) (phone app - have NOT tried it but want to) (this is one I researched and never tried (seemed to kill too many trees) but I know people who like it – have seen it work well for someone with pretty severe ADHD) (brand new ebook/kindle – Christian author – “house and heart cleaning”)

KIDS (teaching preschoolers at home) (cool printable books, activities and “lap books”) (just a mom, educating her child at home – great ideas! Very Montessori)
(great ideas for things to print out and make at home, especially to go with really good books) (Maile’s – she posts great ideas about teaching at home and also has a wonderful list of other similar blogs

(nurturing - “connecting” and sensory issues) –working on it - not much there yet)

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