Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why it matters

Why does cleaning or organizing your home matter?
Here is a long quote by Sandra Felton ("Organizing by the Book") that has been very inspirational to me.

"What's the Big Deal About Getting Organized?

Here's the big deal. We Christians can't afford to fumble on living the life God has designed for us to live just because we can't get our organizational act together. For us organizing foes beyond cleaning, tidying and being on time.

We've got several strong reasons to put organizaing right at the top of our priority list.

We want to do our best for our families, helping our older members where necessary, making our spouses happy, and raising our children in the nurture of the Lord. We want and need order and beauty in our homes.

We want to work for the Lord in spreading the gospel in whatever way our talent takes us...

Finally we want to obey's God command to show hospitality to meet the needs of others...

Being disorganized can seriously hinder your living the abundant and productive life God has for you in all three of these areas -- and others.

... Only by having our minds enlightened and renewed by God's word will vibrant and enduring change come. (pages 3-4 "Organizing by The Book", Sandra Felton)

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